How to Hire Developers in 2022

by | Aug 18, 2022

Hiring developers has changed since the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, businesses were forced to go online to keep afloat, which meant embracing technology and developing online infrastructures to support their particular field of work. These new online infrastructures increased the demand for software developers, and the job market expanded rapidly. Taking this new way of doing business into account, companies and recruiters need to know what to expect going forward when hiring developers.

Some argue that the software development job market was already increasing rapidly, and there is evidence in the fact that much of our consumer attention has moved online, with digital products and services becoming more mainstream. Regardless of the clear impact of COVID-19 on the tech industry, there is no doubt that this increase in demand is here to stay.  

A Saturated Job Market

Similar to how the housing market is either a buyer’s or seller’s market based on current economic conditions and interest rates, the job market is either a job candidate’s market or a business’s market. With a growing number of companies investing in online employment as people work from home, the job candidates are now more in control of the software developer’s job market.

In 2020, the number of people training to become developers decreased, making current software developers in high demand. Recruiters are struggling to find developers to fill positions due to the increase in jobs. Specifically, front-end and full-stack developers are in high demand.

Overcoming Current Hiring Obstacles

While the market remains chock-full of demand with more job roles than potential candidates to fill them, there are some things businesses can do to ripen the deal for potential employees. With a high-demand market, it provides an opportunity for employers to invest in the recruitment process to ensure they are seeking out the highest quality candidates. 

Outsourcing Developer Work

Businesses and recruiters need to outsource talent from third-party vendors to find developers in a saturated job market. Now that most companies are going digital, there isn’t enough talent within businesses to facilitate software development. According to a 2020 study performed by Deloitte, 70% of companies are outsourcing software developers to deal with the enormous number of open developer jobs and rising costs. Looking outside of the US in Eastern Europe and Canada is optimal as those countries provide quality work with a lower cost of living, keeping wages down.

Offer Higher Salaries

While outsourcing is a way to keep costs lower, recruiters must offer higher salaries to software developers with excellent credentials. Since developers have their pick in the job market, they will go elsewhere if the price isn’t right. Offering a higher wage ensures that a developer will look closer at taking advantage of the job. Recruiting budgets are higher in 2022, so it’s no better time to take advantage of quality work. 

Hire Beyond Technical Degrees

It might seem strange to hire software developers without a university degree, but changes in digital business practices since COVID means companies must reassess the talent pool. Coders who are self-taught through online courses are being hired in mass quantities to fill open positions. While some businesses are hesitant to hire people without credentials, there are ways to test a developer’s skills.

Online test sites like Codility and Codingame provide screening tests for businesses to assess a developer’s skills. These tests are specifically designed to test skills like coding languages, problem-solving, and real-time coding before or during the interview process. This testing helps to remove the bias of a person lacking high-end education and reveals the work ethic required to produce quality work.

Hiring beyond expert credentials also includes looking globally for developers. Due to better salaries and benefits, many developers in other countries are anxious to delve into the USA’s job market. This increase in a diverse work environment sets a company apart.

Better Interviewing Process and Fast Reactions

To hire developers in 2022, businesses need online interviewing programs that work well with all operating systems. Since a potential candidate is interviewing the company as well, the experience needs to be streamlined. Recruiters need to consider iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux to ensure their interviewing software is compatible with those operating systems. If a potential employee leaves the interview feeling like the infrastructure for the interview was lacklustre, they will be searching elsewhere for employment.

In similar regard, reacting quickly is essential. There is plenty of competition for developers. If the candidate’s interview went well, don’t waste time before extending an offer. Chances are, the developer is looking at several job proposals from multiple sources. Getting a job offer to them fast means your business is a step ahead of the competition. Once the offer is accepted, react quickly by welcoming them to the team and getting their processing started. A quicker response shows potential employees you are serious about the job and ready to get them on board.

Less Experience Isn’t Bad

There’s a common misconception that less experience means those potential employees shouldn’t be hired. That’s simply not the case. The only way to get experience is for someone to take a chance on a junior developer. Many novice coders are ready to learn and interested in gaining more experience. That eagerness is essential. It’s possible to provide them with other skills that senior developers don’t have, making them more marketable in the future. Don’t discount someone new to the industry. If there is one thing that is clearly evident in the tech and software industry, it’s that change happens fast. A bigger emphasis should be put on a candidate’s ability to adapt over just their past experiences, as a need to reinvent yourself time and time again will be a powerful weapon for software developers. 

If there is a current employee with less experience as a developer, it might be worth investing time into them. Exploring current employees and talking about new opportunities because of the digital boom is vital. Learning something new and enhancing someone’s resume benefits the company and employee. It promotes a better work ethic and diminishes burnout.

Final Thoughts on Hiring Developers

While it may seem daunting, investing in the proper strategies is the best way to ensure you secure and maintain solid software developers. In a market where there is higher demand than employees, there is a high level of competition for talent. Stand out by creating value, doing your research, and possibly taking a few calculated risks. In an industry where golden eggs can be found in every corner of the globe, it’s an exciting time to be searching for young energy and new industry perspectives.

Written By Cam@MagicMondayz

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